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16th Of September - Question that often arise in my classes are the placement of "ikke".
The placement of ikke is very easy for a native speaker, but the rules are extensive.

9th Of September - Who has most the problems with the Norwegian tests and who perform the best?
Statistics for Norskprøve 2 and 3 are not a predictor, but still an interesting read.

2nd Of September - One of the rather unique aspect of Norwegian is the tonality which can change the meaning of the word.
Tonality in Norwegian.

26th Of August - Compound words generally follows a set of rules. This is also true in Norwegian
Compound words in Norwegian.

19th Of August - Silent letters can be a problem.
However, following a few rules you eventually will master
Silent letters in Norwegian.

ALL topics of the week:
Information about Bergen Norway - the 2nd largest city in Norway.

Difference between Nynorsk vs bokmal from a foreigner's perspective.

Saying "So much" in Norwegian

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