About Teacher and Classes

Basic Norwegian

What works best with basic Norwegian is if you already have aquired Norwegian books (e.g. På Vei) where we follow those with listening tasks. I will provide material if you do not already have some.

Intermediate norwegian

Also at this level it is best to follow book. The most common material is "Stein På Stein". As with second half of basic Norwegian there is more focus on verbal communication. With the classes you also get free text corrections.

Advanced Norwegian

When you have arrived at this level you already knows the Norwegian grammar and pronunciation. It is then good to either follow the book "Her På Berget" or use the layout without a book. Here we discuss current events.

without book

There are primarily two student groups where studying without a book i beneficial. The first is those who need to prepare for a test, regardless of level. The second is students who are at a higher level and prefer using articles and real audio from Norwegian media.


Classes with text for correction:
150 NOK / US$20

Text correction only:
90 NOK / US$12

5 Text corrections:
375 NOK / US$50

Terms and Hints

  • Terms
  • Hints
  • FAQ
* You are free to cancel a class up to 12 hours in advance. For later cancellations the fee is the price of 1/2 class.
* Payments can be done after a few classes. And can be done with Norwegian bank, Paypal or Brazilian bank.
* Payment info will be sent after first class - so no need to think about that before then.
* Classes are 55 minutes
* Text for correction (optional) should be maximum 350 words.
* Please book classes atleast 24 hours in advance via EMAIL (not Skype messaging)
For learning a language the following hints is what works most.
*Aquire proper learning material. I do provide material to get you started.
*Particularly in the beginning it is advicable to work hard. If you double your effort the learning process will go more than twice as fast.
*Learn grammar from the beginning and learn basic structures by writing and/or memorization. Of course, in the classes you will get ample training in oral communication.
*If Skype classes works for you it is strongly advicable to use headphones (best is a headset)
*Camera is not as important as a headset but also makes communication easier.
*Teacher's guidance is just a guidance. You can of course use the classes for the type of training you prefer.
1. Yes, you can be more than 1 student in the class. The price stays the same. In my experience it can be useful if both of you start from the basic. However, quickly you will be on slightly different levels with problems in different areas of the language.
2. Yes, you can have fixed times every week. In fact, that is easier for both of us.
3. Very common questions is how many classes you should have pr. week. Usually 2 classes are good and 1 class is too little. However, one class can be enough IF you study a lot between classes and preferrable has audio to listen to.
4. It is impossible to give an answer about how fast you can learn Norwegian.
5. I do not give discount for Volume or use other plaforms than Skype. The discount is in already lower price for individual classes.
6. My availability change from season to season. I follow European time and have classes between 13:oo and 23:00, Norwegian time. For an idea of availability - check my Calendar.
7. We can meet in skype for a 30 minutes (free) meeting if you have more questions or wish to know more about class layout before booking a class.

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